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Comfortable to wear for everyone. This is an open harness made for any sex to wear, providing a space for your own genitalia to be out and in play, with a dildo positioned above it.

50 mm rings come included with The Crotch Rocket Strap-On

Large Harness
Waist: Minimum – 34″ / Maximum – 52″
Under*: Minimum – 19.5″ / Maximum – 27.5″
Small Harness
Waist: Minimum – 24″ / Maximum – 38.5″
Under*: Minimum – 18.5″ / Maximum – 25.5″
* To measure the underneath portion, get a piece of string and measure from the front of your waist line, underneath the genitals between the legs, to the equivalent waist line on the back. Mark it off and measure the distance.
If the dildo you wish to use with the harness is a different size than the one that comes with the harness, ( 2 inch) , then you can purchase an additional O-ring separately.  Sizes available listed below: 
Ring Sizes (inner diameter):
Small – 1.6″ (40 mm)
Standard – 2.0″ (50 mm) comes included with the harness
Large – 2.3″ (60 mm)
Extra Large – 2.75″ (70 mm)