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Ride On

Vixen Creations


Outer: 6-¼" x 1-¾"
Inner: 4" x 1"

Ride On is our extender or PPA, created using the Bandit as the model.

Created for everyone who has been searching for a softer alternative to the hard, toxic and unsightly models on the market today.

Ride On can be used by men with ED conditions or so you can keep pleasuring your partner between erections. It is firm enough to do the work for you, when you are unable to. 

Ride On must fit closely to function well. It does not stretch to accommodate a larger penis. In this case, we recommend Colossus or Holster.

Made using our ultra supple platinum silicone with a durometer a couple of notches softer than our regular formula. The hole for the testicles is comfortable, due to the material and ability to stretch. The strap around the testicles allows for strong stable stroking.

This item comes with a one year warranty.


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